Friday, November 18, 2005

Using a blog for Professional Development

Face to face workshops and seminars provide personal contact and group interactions. After the fact when the dust has settled participants will relive the session reviewing the content and developing new ideas for implementation of the session. Blogging is an easy web publishing tool that will allow posting of presentation notes, web cast or audio casts of the presentation. For those individuals unable to attend the workshop is ready online for viewing.

Take for example this streaming video web cast from the Canadian Curriculum Services. Access the link for "video"

You will need a media player to view the web cast.  Windows media player, Quick time or Real Player offer free players to download.

In addition, seminar participants can interact with the seminar by posting comments/ questions to the presenter using this type of blog. To write a comment or question scroll to the bottom of this message and select "add comment". To read answers or post select "comments"

For those presenters who have  issues around typing and creating blogs audio files (see attachment below) can be attached to a blog to post instructions or responses. If the entire presentation is recorded then audio casts can be downloaded to an mp3 player such as the Ipod for easy access at another time and away from the computer

What is Podcasting?